Thought of the day #3


Everywhere, well not in the bathroom, there’s this echo lingering “Be yourself”.  Everyone hears it at some point or another but they go on with their lives.  It has become so trivialized that it lost its meaning.

Who the fuck am I actually? Am I who I am at this present time or the virtuality of a future me? I have no idea.

Nowadays everyone is a special snowflake. The previous idiom is so subliminally engraved in their unconscious that there’s no doubting of its veracity.  They’re all unique and wonderful. Nobody is like them. At least that’s what they think.

Oh but I’m not thinking like them. Oh yes, yes you are, you all have that mentality, just look around and start questioning things

I’m doing my own thing in life  No, no you’re not, you’re following a pre-defined societal pattern. What specifically are you revolting against?

It’s not like that, I’m not doing what they do. Really, though? Just because it’s on a smaller scale it doesn’t deny its occurrence.  Isn’t somewhere in there some cognitive dissonance?

Bah, but then again, who really cares if they think they are the counterculture when in fact they represent the system, right?