Thought of the day #2

René Magritte

Friendships are tough and if you do have a beautiful one, don’t take it for granted. I know we are all faulty in our own ways, self-absorbed, looking often for an individual outcome out of a relationship. People fake their way into a friendship, consciously or subconsciously, in search of social status, material stuff, emotional trash, information and so on. We’re not driven by sacrifice and love anymore.

What good is that for? If everyone’s hands are dirty, why mine should be clean? People stopped giving more than they receive. And I’m not taking about superficial things. We all want something in return, as fast as possible and this egocentric expectation fucks up the whole thing. We respond to problems in regards to our fellow friends with a talionic punishment. If someone yells at us, we yell harder, if someone says harsh words we make sure ours are more hurtful. If they do wrong to us we, of course, we raise the bar. And most of the time, we are the only reprehensible entities, because it’s only our perception of a certain thing and not the real intention of that person. The tape is playing in our head. Over and over.

And mind you, there’s a fine difference between kindness and gullibility. Don’t let the fear of loneliness keep you trapped with people that vampirize you, ’cause you’ll be the only one culpable. If you can’t handle being alone then you’ve gotta work on yourself first. Struggle to be the best soul you would like to spend time with and then others will crave your vibes. (Off topic- I’m fascinated with humans that are paradoxical, the appearance doesn’t match the essence, but in a alluring way. How you can find in them peculiar talents, intriguing ideas and interests. So cultivate your inner world and make it magnetic.)

Choose wisely your confidants, because You are the average of the five people you most associate with.